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Finnish klezmer!


New dates coming soon!





8.3. International Klezmer Festival Fürth

Tour in Germany 21.5.-28.5.
21.5. Herford, Haus unter den Linden

22.5. Essen, Synagoge
23.5. Simmern
24.5. Mehringen
25.5. Vöhl, Synagoge
26.5 Brake, Schifffahrtsmuseum
27.5. Wilhelmhaven
28.5. Lutterbek









Sampo Lassila Narinkka with percussionist Janne Tuomi, photo by Sini LiimatainenSampo Lassila Narinkka with percussionist Janne Tuomi, photo by Sini Liimatainen

Sampo Lassila Narinkka

Welcome to the home of Finnish klezmer - Sampo Lassila NARINKKA!

More videos available in the  band's Youtube Channel, see the link down there.

"In strange Lands is a gem of an album, the kind of soundtrack to life that makes your environment tremble with naivete and wonder." RootsWorld 

 Sampo Lassila Narinkka actually melts the traditional klezmer -style into the special Finnish atmosphere – the feeling in the Narinkka’s music is distinctively slavic, sentimental, rugged, somehow touchingly honest, but suddenly almost scaringly strong. 

The other side of the band's repertoire, the beloved traditional klezmer tunes, are arranged matching the own Narinkka -style, growing the live experience into a kind of time travel experience, from the old Bessarabia shtetls to modern Finnish suburbs.