Thank you Lund and Hämeenlinna!

Great ”Stimmung” and audiences in both places, great pleasure to play music!


photo © Birgitta Rudenius



Sampo Lassila Narinkka in  BR-KLASSIK: KLICKKLACK 24.10! The TV show hosted by the great percussion-wizard Martin Grubinger. And in this TV -magazine the Finland special from Lahti.
The ”very thickest cream” of the Finnish musical life is introduced. The charming Iiro Rantala, great Sinfonia Lahti and of course the Sampo Lassila Narinkka -band and the original suomiklezmer -sound!

Welcome to check this out, it’s a great program altogether, indeed!

Narinkka Autumn news

Sampo Lassila Narinkka has performed successfully in Pori, Validi Karkia -club and in Helsinki, at the Digelius Record Shop concert series. Thanks for the lovely audiences!

In November 6th we will play a full two set concert in Sweden, at the Lund Klezmer Festival, near Malmö.
And in November Narinkka can be heard also in the Suuri Sydänkonsertti -charity concert in the Rock Church (Temppeliaukion kirkko) in Helsinki.

And other interesting things also coming up, more later about these!


Photo Jesse Keinonen



Narinkka keikoilla Suomessa Sysmässä ja Siilinjärvellä – Narinkka performing in Finland

Narinkka konsertoi tulevana loppuviikkona tortaina 7.7. Sysmässä Sysmän Suvisoitto -festivaalilla ja perjantaina 8.7. Siilifolk -festivaalilla Siilinjärvellä.

Sysmän konsertti pidetään Rantaterassi -ravintolassa klo 19 ja perjantain konsertti Siilinjärvellä soitetaan festivaalin illalliskonsertissa klo 19.

Näillä keikoilla yhtye soittaa kokoonpanossa Sampo Lassila – kontrabasso, Hannu Vasara -viulu ja Harri Kuusijärvi – harmonikka.

In Strange Lands has raised into THREE international world music charts!!

The second album of Narinkka has raised in three important world music charts!

In June the album 15th in the World Music Charts Europe and 8th in USA in the Spin the Globe World music charts.

In July the album raised in Top30 in the Transglobal World Music Charts which is an important international chart, where the albums are selected by 50 world music specialists and journalists throughout the world.


Lira and Bangkok Post

Nice reviews in Bangkok Post and Scandinavian music magazine Lira. Also the tune ”Narinkka” is on the Lira’s covermount sample CD.

”Finnish musicians are also up for some experimentation. In Strange Lands is a weird and wonderful collaboration between Finnish musician Sampo Lassilia Narinkka and klezmer musicians. Although he’s a fine double-bass player, he also tries his hand at playing an egg slicer, a rubber boot, a garden rake, patent shoes and even books (really). With fellow hybrid-makers Alaksi Santuvuori (viola) and Harri Kuusijäarvi (accordion), this is a collection that not only surprises musically, but also narrates stories from people’s lives. Recommended for those looking for something different.”

’In Strange Lands’ raised into World Music Charts Europe Top20!

Great news to begin the summertime in Finland! Also the second album of Sampo Lassila Narinkka  raised into World Music Charts Europe Top20. The album is 15th now, first month in the Top20.

It’s great to have the first album in charts, but it’s almost more important to have the second album there – to prove that this music and group is in the market to stay!

So, very happy and looking forward to share our music for more and more people also alive!

Näyttökuva 2016-6-1 kello 12.18.57

Second review in Rootsworld (US)!

A really beautiful review, with audio samples, of  ’In  Strange Lnads’ -album, in the Rootsworld magazine (USA)!

”In Strange Lands is a gem of an album, the kind of soundtrack to life that makes your environment tremble with naiveté and wonder. Lassila, Santavuori, and Kuusijärvi play off each other beautifully, and with great invention so that Sampo Lassila Narinkka’s magical art-compositions settle the listener into the director’s seat.” – Lee Blackstone

RootsWorld is a world music magazine started in 1993, pretty much at the dawn of the term ”world music” as well as the pre-dawn of internet publishing (Maybe this was the first music magazine of any sort published on the www!)

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